Camera take-over

Don't let your cameras sit idle. It's time to take control of your surveillance system.

Supercharge your surveillance potential and stop crime!

Supercharge your camera system with the power of AI technology while staying within your budget. Cameras are only effective if they are being monitored, what is the point of having a camera system if OnView™ is not stopping suspicious activity.

We understand that simply having cameras isn’t enough to protect your asset and property. Stay one step ahead of criminal activity with our cutting-edge technology and have peace of mind knowing that immediate response, rapid intervention, incident prevention, and a cost-effective solution are at your fingertips.

No more relying on outdated and ineffective surveillance systems. We can take control of your camera system and we can reduce losses due to theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, ultimately saving money on insurance claims and replacement costs. Additionally, we prevent the intent™ of criminal activity, creating a safer environment for customers and employees, which can positively impact productivity and revenue generation.

Supercharge your security system today!

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Benefits of Active Deterrence Monitoring

Real-time threat detection

Immediate Intervention


Immediate Crime Reduction

Immediate ROI

Immediate Restoration of Peace

Immediate Results

OnView’s™ Live Surveillance platform works with most camera systems in the market.

Thanks to our partnership with IMMIX, we can seamlessly integrate with up to 95% of camera systems in the market. With OnView™ Integrated Solutions, making your cameras smart and functional has never been easier. Start monitoring your premises or assets with our cutting-edge technology and experience the benefits of real-time surveillance monitoring.