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A Top Integrated Security Solutions Provider Since 2007

The mission of OnView Integrated Solutions is to provide our clients with a higher level of protection at competitive rates. Our services exceed the standards of the security industry, and our pricing allows virtually anyone to receive the peace of mind they deserve at a cost they can afford. Established in 2007, we built our company on a foundation of three valuable moral components: loyalty, integrity, and honor. From these principles, we’ve created a strong sense of pride in our security staff and administrative team, which is clearly visible in our work. We aim to grow and become one of the top integrated security solutions providers in the state of California and the United States, and we believe that these core values, coupled with the people who form our corporation, will help us achieve this goal.

security guard looking at video monitor

A World-Class Dispatch and Operations Center in Fremont, CA

OnView’s Operations and Dispatch Center in Fremont, California, is staffed by highly-trained security experts and surveillance professionals. Our team supports our clients by responding to a wide range of potential client emergencies, including transient issues, vandalism, burglaries, and trespassing. OnView leverages our team to provide a level of responsiveness and reliability that’s superior to other video monitoring companies. Our surveillance professionals eliminate the need for on-site security guards and guarantee that your home or business property will be monitored at assigned times and protected against break-ins, thefts, and other unauthorized activity.

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Within seconds of identifying intruders or unauthorized activity at a client facility, OnView’s Operations Team can remotely give intruders verbal commands through a remote audio network (RAN), initiate audible communication to individual(s), or escalate the situation to OnView’s Patrol Services and local police. By using the video feed to verify the situation, OnView ensures that our patrol and local police prioritize and initiate an effective response. By leveraging the security of OnView’s leadership, our Operations and Dispatch Center, and our highly-trained team, OnView provides the most reliable video monitoring solution available for your home, business, or organization. Contact us today to request more info or a free estimate for our many integrated security solutions. You won’t regret it!

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