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Crime Deterrent Systems

We provide intelligent security camera systems, integrated with audio & visual deterrent devices, designed to disrupt criminal activity in real time.
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We’ve integrated our Crime Deterrent System with video intrusion technology that provides a canopy of virtual protection, leaving our customers with a virtual security guard watching over their property and community. Blind spots are non-existent in our design.

Crime Deterrent Systems

Our crime deterrent systems are custom tailored to our customer’s needs, providing a complete solution that protects our customers from the outside-in.

Security camera on a poll in a parking lot
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Proactive and Intelligent Security Cameras

We utilized artificial intelligent deterrent (A.I.D.) software to detect suspicious behavior and alert our dispatchers when criminal elements are present. A.I.D. software is compatible with most existing security cameras, providing a more intelligent and proactive eyes on-premises solution.

Apartment complex bike cage break-in
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Audio and Visual Perimeter Defense

Our crime deterrent solution is never completed without audio and visual perimeter defense. In order to protect our customers from the outside in, our integration sends an alert to our surveillance monitoring center and initiates immediate security and law enforcement response.


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Solar Powered Security Trailers in construction site
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Solar Powered Security Trailers

Our Solar Powered Security Trailers are equipped with Intelligent Crime Deterrent Technology designed to stop and disrupt criminal activity in real-time.


  • HD intelligent cameras
  • Visual and audio – alarm integrated devices
  • Eco-friendly and environmentally safe
  • Easy delivery and deployment

Tailored Design Crime Deterrent Systems

Security cameras are one of the elements needed to protect your property. In order to keep your property safe from criminal activity other elements are need. Our integrated crime deterrent systems detect intrusion and notify our Live Surveillance Monitoring Center for one of our professional dispatches proceed with the necessary actions.

System Activation

Crime Analysis

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