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We’re the Silicon Valley’s Trusted Security Experts

There are many valid reasons to invest in an integrated security system for your home or business. Residential burglaries most often occur during the day when the homeowners are away. On the other hand, commercial burglaries and business-related crimes usually take place in the evening hours or on weekends and holidays when the business is more likely to be closed.

If you need an integrated security system in Fremont, the Silicon Valley, or nationwide, you need to talk to the security experts at OnView Integrated Solutions. We work tirelessly around the clock to help you protect your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to our remote video monitoring, video intrusion alarms, high-definition cameras, proactive security patrols, and more.

Integrated Security Systems You Can Count On

When it comes to integrated security systems, you can entrust our dual-licensed security company to get the job done right. Whether you’re interested in installing a new security system in your home or business, our dedicated team has many years of experience. Serving residential and commercial clients since 2007, OnView provides many expertly integrated security options, including the following:

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Commercial Security

Businesses require differing types of security to keep them safe from intrusion. We understand those differences. Take advantage of our portable security platforms, which include A.I.-based camera systems and remote video monitoring that can be done anytime, anywhere.

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Private Security Services

Our private security services are conducted by our most trusted officers who have undergone a thorough screening process. We tailor our security to meet your needs and offer competitively priced services to suit a variety of security budgets.

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Remote Video Monitoring

Imagine being able to check the status of your home or business from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet! We can provide you with in-demand remote video monitoring that’s easy, safe, and effective.

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Video Intrusion Alarms

Our video verification systems are among the newest cutting-edge technologies in the area of security. They’ve been designed to ensure a faster response time to danger and to assist in the accurate identification of criminals. Say goodbye to false alarms!

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Proactive Security Patrols

We take pride in our proactive approach to your safety. Our security patrol options can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you need armed or unarmed officers, mobile patrol services, or patrol vehicles, we have it all.

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HD Camera Systems

When it comes to security, having a reliable, advanced camera system is essential. We offer a wide variety of commercial and residential systems with differing functions and purposes. Our HD camera systems utilize the most advanced technologies, providing a clearer picture than ever before!

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We Geo-Fence Your World to Protect What Matters Most

OnView’s use of the term “Geo-Fencing” means we site-walk every property. Our vast security knowledge allows us to put eyes and audio on your assets and challenge everyone whose intentions may be detrimental to your projects. To protect all areas of your property, we combine many advanced solutions that give you peace of mind and focus on the job at hand, including:

Add-On Products

You can add on several products to your integrated security system, including thermal cameras, license plate recognition cameras, and Internet access.

Portable Solar and AC-Powered Security Platforms

These platforms come equipped with Artificial Intelligence-based camera and proprietary audio systems, which allow you to start day one and move and grow as your projects change.

On-Demand Guard Services

As an OnView customer, you’ll be given access to patrol guards when you need them. Our ability to challenge individuals with remote video monitoring and audio communication has proven effective 95% of the time to remove security issues. For the 5% that defy our commands, we dispatch a guard immediately, and we also call the local police. This is a powerful 1-2 punch against crime!

Remote Video Monitoring

Manned by OnView Integrated Solutions supervisors and employees, we’re available whenever you need to talk to us. You won’t have to be re-routed halfway across the planet!

Mesh Network

Put multi-locations on to a single network (not cloud-based). Pick and choose different properties to monitor by the day, week, or month. If valuable products are being delivered or there’s an uptick in crime in your area, you now can get in front of that before it costs you delays and budgetary issues.

Take a Proactive Approach to Your Security Today

At OnView Integrated Solutions, our innovative, proactive approach to security sets us apart from similar security companies in the Fremont and Silicon Valley area. We consistently work to maintain a professional and commanding image to deter crime and keep you and your family or employees safe. We encourage you to invest in one of our exceptional integrated security systems. Because we specialize in remote off-site monitoring, we’re capable of providing our unique services nationwide. Give us a call today to request more information or a free estimate. We’ll help you protect what matters most!

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