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Innovative Commercial Security Solutions

Do you have construction site security concerns? Do you have multiple locations and security providers with varying degrees of success? Do problems continue to arise with no real working solution? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then OnView Integrated Solutions has the complete answer to all your ongoing concerns and problems related to your commercial security in the Fremont or Silicon Valley area. Welcome to the new revolution in transportable security solutions.

security guard reviewing video

A.I.-Based Camera Systems & Portable Security Platforms

The building blocks of real end-to-end commercial security solutions provided by OnView Integrated Solutions include portable security platforms that can be deployed the same day, run on solar or standard electricity. Our Artificial Intelligence-based camera systems that are smarter than criminals never fall asleep, while OnView’s custom remote audio network system (RAN) will tell criminal elements that they need to leave or be prepared to head to the slammer.

Our Five-Step Approach to Improving Your Security

Improving your commercial security system is easy with OnView’s expert service. Our five-step approach has been simplified for your peace of mind:

Step One

Have an OnView trained security specialist walk through your property and discuss the true meaning of Geo-Fence Protection and our other integrated security solutions in greater detail.

Step Two

Create the roadmap for protecting your commercial property and establishing the protocols of unauthorized activity on your properties.

Step Three

OnView will provide real-time mapping of your site and locations of our security solutions.

Step Four

Create timelines and start dates for our security solutions, as well as the coordination between teams to launch OnView’s advanced security suite of offerings.

Step Five

Sit back and relax knowing that budgets and timelines will be hit for projects, crime has been eliminated from your property, and your profits should be on the rise.

State-of-the-Art Remote Video Monitoring Services

You can easily add distinctive red and blue lights and thermal cameras. Our state-of-the-art remote monitoring services manned by experienced security personnel are supervised by management with decades of law and military expertise. We also include on-demand guard services with our remote video monitoring services. The ability to dispatch physical guards to locations quickly can – and has – prevented loss of property, vandalism, and arson.

Going Beyond the Back-to-Front Security Approach

OnView Integrated Solutions goes beyond the standard back-to-front approach of other security companies to protect not only the front and back of your business but the middle and multiple distances surrounding your valuable space. Please contact us today to request more information or a free estimate for our commercial security solutions in Fremont, Silicon Valley, and elsewhere across the United States. We’re always working hard for you around the clock!

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