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Private Security Services in the Silicon Valley

OnView Integrated Solutions’ professional appearance and commanding presence help distinguish us from our competitors also offering private security services in the Silicon Valley. What also helps set us apart is our unique proactive approach to preventing crime and deterring criminal activity at your home or business. We achieve this through our rigorous employment screening process and ongoing security training to ensure our patrol officers are above industry standards to provide the best security.

security guard on patrol

A Commanding, Professional Security Presence

Our uniformed patrol officers’ image is very important to us. We take pride in our uniform appearance, as this is our first line of defense against crime and potential risks to the communities we protect. In addition, our patrol vehicles are fully marked. This helps us present an official, commanding presence consistent with our security uniforms and high standards of professionalism. OnView’s patrol vehicles are equipped with special custom LED lighting, which illuminates vulnerable areas prone to criminal activity while providing a heightened visibility to the communities we protect

A Rigorous Screening Process for Employment

At OnView, we judiciously hire security officers who are motivated and committed to providing a higher level of protection. Potential officers are hand-selected and carefully screened before we decide to offer them a position. We conduct a thorough criminal background check, drug screening, personal references check, and confirm valid licensing before considering a candidate for employment. Our standards are high, and our reputation is very important to our company.

Ongoing Security Training Above Industry Standards

In addition to the required training that the California Bureau of Security Investigation Services regulates, we provide continuous, certified training to our security staff. We believe that our training policy keeps our officers safe and confident in delivering a higher level of protection to our customers. OnView provides our security officers with the necessary tools and training to perform well above the accepted standards within the security industry. This gives our customers confidence and peace of mind.

Private Security Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

At OnView Integrated Solutions, our private security services are composed of elite patrol officers and high-quality equipment. Their schedules are customizable to meet your security needs and budget. We provide staggered courtesy patrols at different time intervals to give our clients maximum visibility and security coverage when necessary. OnView’s high-visibility patrol methods have proven to be a deterrent for criminal activity, even in high-crime areas. When security seems prohibitively expensive, we at OnView can often customize a security operation plan at an affordable rate. Please contact us today to request a free quote for our private security services in the Silicon Valley and elsewhere!

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