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Proactive Silicon Valley Security Patrols for Your Safety

Are you thinking about hiring patrols to provide an added security presence to your Silicon Valley home or business? If so, then you need to talk to our team at OnView Integrated Solutions! Not only do we offer cutting-edge security technology and equipment for your building, but we can also provide you with proactive security patrols to help deter criminals and give you peace of mind. Numerous aspects set apart our highly-skilled patrols, including our extensive screening and ongoing training processes. We understand that appearance is an integral part of encouraging a safe, secure environment. You can also depend on our professional, commanding presence and high-visibility patrols and vehicles.

two security guards patrol apartment complex

Mobile Patrol Services Managed by Security Professionals

Our proactive security patrols are supervised by OnView trained supervisors, alarm responders, and mobile guards who will randomly, but regularly, visit and inspect your location to perform the same security services an on-site guard would perform (either internal or external or both). These services may include locking buildings, checking windows and doors, arming and disarming alarms, escorting your employees to their vehicles, removing loiterers from your property, looking for any signs of wrongdoing or potential dangers/safety hazards, and deterring would-be wrongdoers.

security guard on patrol
OnView Integrated Solutions’ Mobile Patrol Services
  • Marked security vehicles that are easily identifiable
  • Visible patrol units outfitted with an onboard dispatch and GPS system, plus all the equipment guards may need for emergencies and traffic control
  • Tight patrol zones for fast response times
  • An open dispatch center, so we’re always ready to handle your unforeseen situations and emergencies
  • Patrols managed by OnView supervisors, career security professionals with significant security experience
  • Daily, weekly, or as-needed patrol log reports via mail, fax, or email

Request a Free Estimate for Our Proactive Security Solutions

Are you interested in learning more about our proactive security patrols in the Silicon Valley? Please feel free to contact us today to request more information or a free estimate for your home or business. OnView Integrated Solutions looks forward to providing you with the best in today’s security systems!

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