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A Dependable Remote Video Monitoring Company

At OnView Integrated Solutions, we’re always seeking new ways to enhance the effectiveness of our Silicon Valley security systems. Conventional video monitoring systems, no matter how elite, fail their purpose if they’re not equipped with remote-access viewing. Our remote video monitoring systems are ideal for responding to a crisis immediately instead of after an intrusion has already occurred.

video outside house

The Many Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring is beneficial in many ways since it’s accurate, affordable, convenient, multi-functional, and allows for safe monitoring to take place off-site. Remote video monitoring provides a proactive approach not met by having expensive on-site guards or unverified burglar alarm systems, both of which can lead to an error at a crucial time when you’re counting on them for your security.

A Superior Level of Responsiveness for Any Situation

OnView Integrated Solutions is staffed by highly-trained security and surveillance experts to provide a level of responsiveness that’s superior to other video monitoring companies out there. Our team supports residential and commercial clients by providing effective responses to a range of potential security threats, including transient issues, burglaries, vandalism, and trespassing. Within seconds of identifying intruders or unauthorized activity thanks to our sophisticated video feed, our team can remotely give intruders verbal commands through our remote audio network (RAN), initiate audible communication to the individual(s), or escalate the situation to our patrol services and your local police.

Keep Informed of Your Building’s Security at All Times

Set up your free estimate to meet with one of OnView’s experienced staff members and discuss your available options. Our commercial and residential remote video monitoring options allow you to keep track of the security of your Silicon Valley home or business from anywhere! Don’t allow burglars to stay ahead of the game. Keep informed about your building’s security at all times with our superior remote video monitoring systems. Please contact us today for more information!

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