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Secure Construction, Retail & Commercial Properties

OnView Integrated Solutions offers solar security trailers such as solar surveillance towers to construction companies in Silicon Valley. From our home office near San Jose, CA, we can provide commercial security solutions anywhere in the country. We take pride in helping keep your employees and business safe, which is why we work around the clock to deliver superior protection and peace of mind, even after you have called it a day.

Solar Security Trailers Allow Remote Monitoring

Our solar security trailers allow you to monitor your property from anywhere. We can geo-fence the premises to create a barrier that will help prevent any criminal activity at your business or worksite. Our solar surveillance towers are equipped with artificial intelligence cameras featuring voice commands that will alert criminals that they are being tracked and law enforcement is on the way.

Solar Security Trailers Prevent Theft, Lost Productivity

The costs associated with solar security trailers through OnView Integrated Solutions are as low as $3.50 per hour. The theft monitoring associated with this rate will help prevent theft of tools, materials, valuables, and machinery. Any time wasted as a result of not having the proper equipment will negatively impact your bottom line. Allow us to prevent lost productivity by introducing solar surveillance towers to your job site. These towers are capable of raising to 20 feet without electricity or any trenching requirements. An added benefit of securing your materials is being able to avoid the nightmares that come with filing insurance claims and waiting for them to be processed. Not only will we help keep your items safe, but we will also ensure that you can execute your construction operation at peak efficiency.

OnView Integrated Solutions Provides Advanced Technology

The advanced technology in OnView Integrated Solutions’ solar surveillance towers includes thermal cameras that will help prevent arson and fire at your construction site. Additionally, the camera systems operate using artificial intelligence that can alert you to any suspicious activity while also making criminals aware that they are being watched and recorded. This dual-alert system will serve to deter vandals or delinquents from disrupting your operation. The solar security trailers also have internet and WiFi hot-spot access points and allow remote viewing from iOS and Android operating systems.

Deterring Criminals is One of Our Top Priorities

OnView Integrated Solutions aims to use our solar security trailers to eradicate any criminal activity near your construction projects. Our solar surveillance towers are portable, meaning you can utilize them at your various job sites without needing to worry about added costs or installation with each project. The towers’ high-definition camera systems are capable of reading license plates and include facial recognition software. Awareness of the measures you are taking to protect your worksite will deter criminals from even stepping foot on your premises.

OnView Integrated Systems Offers Superior Value to Clients

In addition to providing exceptional solar security trailers, OnView Integrated Systems offers superior value to our clients through customer service. We will provide daily communication regarding your security status, including reports and updates as transmitted from your solar surveillance tower. Furthermore, our On-Demand Guard Services, which challenges individuals via remote video monitoring and audio communication, is 95% effective against any issues on site. However, if an instance occurs when criminals on your property defy our commands, we will alertly call the police to respond.

OnView Integrated Systems Will Be Your Trusted Partner

We aim to be your long-term, trusted security partner on all of your construction sites. A solar surveillance tower will be the ideal solar security trailer for your business. With the ability to remotely monitor your property and protect against theft and vandalism, we will help remove the frustrations associated with lost productivity and schedule delays as well as the hassle of insurance claims. The tower will effectively deter criminals and aid in the prevention of arson or fire. Call OnView Integrated Systems today for more information or a free quote. We have a team of security professionals standing by to begin the process of safeguarding your worksite.

Solar Security Trailers Are A Modern Twist on Security

Our solar surveillance towers provide state-of-the-art security for your business even while you are away. Our towers will let you monitor your site 24 hours per day. The towers can be situated at varying heights and angles to eliminate any potential blind spots. You can set up mobile alerts regarding any activity or motion and can access the cameras in real-time with the click of a mouse. Additionally, OnView Integrated Solutions will be your partner in maintaining a safe workspace, providing daily updates regarding your security status.

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