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Top-Notch Video Intrusion Alarms in the Silicon Valley

At OnView Integrated Solutions, our video intrusion alarm systems are part of advanced technologies aimed at eliminating the less effective systems that were used traditionally in the past. Instead of in-person verification, which can be very unsafe as well as time-consuming, our methods employ accurate remote video monitoring to verify intrusions from non-intrusions. Our goal is to keep your home or business safe at all times. Because video intrusion alarm systems can be monitored remotely off-site, we don’t limit our security services to the Silicon Valley where we’re based. We’re equipped to provide customized integrated security solutions to residential and commercial clients across the United States.

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Don’t Worry About Paying Fees for False Alarms

In the case of a break-in, OnView’s dispatchers are trained to communicate with local law enforcement agents to respond and deal immediately with the issue. If there isn’t a security threat to your home or business, we’ll also make a confirmation of this for your peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about paying fees for false alarms! Our detailed video security process involves:

  • Commercial and residential installation
  • On-demand interactivity
  • Instantaneous video capture
  • Monitoring validation
  • Notification and dispatch
  • Priority response

On the Forefront Defending Against Intruders

Our cutting-edge video verification systems and monitoring technology put OnView Integrated Solutions on the forefront in defending against intruders. Our video intrusion alarms are equipped with video security systems capable of capturing images and short video clips of intruders upon motion detection. With this new integration of video intrusion technology, we can view an actual intrusion upon activation and deploy immediate alarm response.

Cutting-Edge Video Verification Systems & Monitoring

Video intrusion alarms, also referred to as video verification systems, are becoming a trend in home and business security because they’re remotely accessible so that our customers can view their property anytime and from anywhere. OnView Integrated Solutions would welcome the opportunity to offer you the highest quality video intrusion alarms that the Silicon Valley has to offer. Please contact us today to request more information or a free estimate!

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