Video Intrusion Alarms

Top-Notch Security Systems in Silicon Valley

At OnView Security Solutions, our video intrusion alarm systems are a part of advanced technologies aimed at eliminating the less effective systems used traditionally. Instead of in-person verification, which can be very unsafe and time-consuming, our methods employ accurate remote videos to verify intrusions and non-intrusions. Our goal is to keep home and business owners safe at all times!

Our video security process involves the following:

  • Commercial and residential installation
  • On-demand interactivity
  • Instantaneous video capture
  • Monitoring validation
  • Notification and dispatch
  • Priority response

In the case of a break-in, we communicate with local law enforcement agents to respond and deal immediately with the issue. If there is no threat, we will also make a confirmation. You no longer have to worry about paying fees for false alarms! We can offer you the highest quality in Silicon Valley security systems, so call our company right away at 408.677.6429.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Courtesy Mobile Patrol
  • Access Control CCTV
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Private Community Gate Officers
  • Integrated Intrusion Security Systems
  • Alarm Response Surveillance Security Systems