Catalytic converter theft is on the rise!

Prevent the intent of catalytic converter theft with a solution that protects your fleet in real-time.

It only takes 60 seconds for a thief to steal a catalytic converter. It only takes a few seconds to choose the right security solution.

Live surveillance monitoring

Live Surveillance Monitoring

provides a proactive remote solution to monitor and protect your business from criminal activity during off-peak hours.

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Mailbox thief cough on camera

Detect & Disrupt Crime with A.I.D.

We use Artificial Intelligent Deterrence (A.I.D.) as a perimeter defense to Detect & Disrupt criminal activity in real-time.

Security officer in construction site

Dispatch in Seconds to Minutes

We can deploy On-Demand Guard Response within seconds to your business when suspicious activity is detected. No monthly contract. Pay only per response.

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How does this impact your business?

Catalytic converter thefts disrupts your business operations and productivity. This type of nuisance can negatively affect your bottom line. Don’t let thieves target your fleet. Protect your business today, with OnView Integrated Solutions.

What separates us from our competitors?

We integrated crime deterrent technology with On-Demand Guard Response to provide our customers with complete and total protection. There are no other competitors that can provide a higher level of protection than OnView Integrated Solutions.

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