Industries We Service


There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to security solutions. Why settle for a standard or traditional solution that isn’t designed for your needs? Every business, property, and community receives a custom assessment in order to identify pain points, vulnerable areas, and problematic issues.

Industries We Service


The facilities in government range from office space, shared buildings, law enforcement, intelligence, diplomatic, military, judicial, correctional and research. OnView’s extensive range of solutions fit in the full spectrum of government entities.


K-12 schools’ range in varying sizes and scopes but all schools face the same security issues. From sexual predators, drug dealing, fights, and shootings OnView can provide an alert and response component by creating solution for all staff members including campus police or security.


The largest and most diverse type of businesses reside in the vertical marketplace. OnView’s ability to provide retail employees the ability to alert the OnView monitoring team of potential issues is a game changer. From tracking people, property, and products OnView impacts these organizations from the property locations to the CEO’s office. Solving problems and taking back control of your businesses provide resources for the core business functions of retail organizations.


There are 50 million commercial properties in the United States, with just about the same amount of criminal issues attacking the properties. OnView can protect properties by preventing the intent of criminal activity from breaching business borders. If criminals are intent on breaching the property OnView can dispatch a nationwide security guard response as well as tag and track products that are attempted to be stolen.


From remote sub-stations to nuclear power plants, utility organizations are entrusted to provide the American public with a safe a consistent supply of power. OnView can provide security from remote to large, from theft of products to breaches of secure areas. Our complete and total security solutions protect these valuable resources from criminal activity.

Development/Construction Companies

$500 billion plus is the amount of theft and property damage to development and construction sites across the United States. Small tools, copper, large equipment and even arson impact these organizations not only in delays but exorbitant insurance costs. OnView’s ability to challenge criminal intent at the property line is bolstered by the ability to send a guard response and tag and track valuable product.

Warehouse/Distribution Centers

There are well over 400,000 warehouses and distribution centers across the United States. The business employ millions of people and handle billions of dollars of products. Onsite theft, truck/vehicle break-ins and injuries add up to countless amounts of loss in time and money. OnView can protect locations from the outside to monitoring property and employee activity inside. Track product and employees with historical data and streamline company processes and profits.

Small and Medium Businesses

There are 28 million SMB’s in the United States. It has also been the vertical that has been hit the hardest by pandemic and financial turbulence in today’s marketplace. Closures, burglaries and limited employee resources has now made it more important then ever to protect businesses from the outside in. OnView can quickly implement solutions that allow owners to sleep better at night. Sales teams can now target territories and watch the successful domino impact successful solutions provide to the bottom line.


Whether it is Fortune 50 or Fortune 5000 OnView can protect enterprise companies from headquarters to offsite locations. The larger the company the bigger the target by criminals, from onsite thefts to vehicle robberies, enterprise companies are consistently under attack. OnView can implement remote surveillance monitoring on properties, tag and track people and products at all locations or dispatch security guards to escort vehicles to shipping docks or protect from mob actions.


Millions of apartments and thousands of HOA’s dot the landscape across the United States. Along with this comes a vast array of problems, car break-ins, illegal dumping, burglaries, mail and package theft and personal attacks. OnView’s expertise in designing and installing effective remote surveillance monitoring has saved millions of dollars and improved rental and sales capabilities at many properties. Our On-Demand Guard response solutions add an additional level of comfort to properties because 93% of the time we beat police to the location.

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