Live Surveillance Monitoring

Don't let threats keep you up at night! We provide 24/7 protection for your business and property. Keep your assets safe today.
Stop crime today

Virtual security provides an efficient and more effective security solution than traditional and standard security guard services.

Our U.S. based Live Surveillance Monitoring center provides result-driven solutions to deter criminal elements in real-time. With trained agents and artificial intelligence technology, we offer efficient and effective monitoring services to prevent crime before it happens.

Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to stay one step ahead of criminal activity. Discover the power of real-time surveillance monitoring and have peace of mind knowing that your premises or assets are being actively monitored and protected.

Proactive Security: OnView’s Advanced Surveillance and Dispatch System

Our live surveillance monitoring platform is equipped with the most sophisticated technology and in combination with our highly trained dispatchers we stop crime before it happens.

OnView’s dispatch agents can remotely monitor multiple locations, warn off criminal elements with two-way voice command in real-time, and deploy On-Demand Guard Response* when security presence is needed. Our dispatch agents are trained to analyze suspicious behavior and proactively disrupt criminal activity.

Say goodbye to nuisance activity: Get 80% reduction in just 3 weeks with Active Deterrent Monitoring

Are you tired of just having a basic camera system? Active Deterrence Monitoring goes beyond just watching your property. With advanced methods and tactics, this service effectively deters and prevents any criminal activity. You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind and watch your investment grow. 

Remote Guard Tours

The backbone and standard in our physical security guard division. We screen and train our professionals to meet your unique business needs.

Alarm Video Verification

We can detect, deter, and disrupt criminal activity and maintain a safe environment for customers property and communities.

Two-Way Voice Command

We provide immediate dispatch of expertly trained security guards to non-emergency nuisance type situations.

Security Escorts

We provide immediate dispatch of expertly trained security guards to non-emergency nuisance type situations.

Industry Leading Crime Deterrent Solution

We’ve combined crime prevention technology with On-Demand Guard Response to deliver unparalleled protection to our clients. OnView Integrated Solutions stands alone in offering the highest level of security unmatched by any competitors.

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Detect & disrupt with Active Deterrence

We employ advanced security cameras equipped with audio and visual deterrent features to identify, discourage, and intervene in suspicious activities proactively, preventing potential crimes.
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Live Surveillance Monitoring

Virtual security offers a superior and efficient solution compared to traditional guard services. Our dispatch agents can remotely monitor multiple locations and deter criminals instantly using two-way voice commands.

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On-Demand Guard Response

We deploy *On-Demand Guard Response when security presence is needed.

Benefits of Active Deterrent Monitoring

Real-time threat detection

Immediate Intervention


Immediate Crime Reduction

Immediate ROI

Immediate Restoration of Peace

Immediate Results

Active Deterrence vs. Security Guards

Active deterrence offers several advantages over security guards. Don’t wait any longer and reduce nuisance activity by 80% in 3 weeks and crime by 90% in 3 months.

Active Deterrence

Crime Deterrent Systems icon


Average annual cost for 8 cameras


Continuous Monitoring


Reduced Liability

Data Storage and Analysis

Remote Access and Management

Integration with Other Systems

Deterrent Effect

Security guard

Crime Deterrent Systems icon


Average annual cost for an unarmed security guard


Limited coverage

Can only be at one place

Vulnerability to physical threats

Subjectivity and bias

Dependency on individual performance


Legal and liability concerns

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