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Security Trailers

Designed to Detect and Deter Criminal Activity in real time.
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We have seen a rise in criminal activity in industries like commercial, industrial and builder groups where criminals are more brazen in committing crimes such as: cooper theft, material theft and equipment theft with impunity as Law Enforcement responses are practically non existent.

At OnView Integrated Solutions our priority is to protect your project with solutions that work in any environment and during difficult times.

Protect your Projects & Assets

Protect your projects and assets and prevent the intent of criminal activity with our Solar Powered Security Trailers. Our eyes on premise approach through Live Surveillance Monitoring allows us to disrupt suspicious activity before a crime occurs.

Our goal is to provide you with perimeter defense that protects your project site from the outside in.

Our Proactive Solution Include

Solar Powered Security Trailers

Equipped with intelligent Crime Deterrent Technology and blind spot viewers that can scale with your project.

  • AI Video Alerts
  • Cloud Solution
  • High Visibility LED Lights
  • Two Way Voice Command
  • Delivered and installed with-in 48 hours

Live Surveillance Monitoring

24/7 live surveillance monitoring by professional dispatch agents who are trained to analyze suspicious behavior and proactively disrupt criminal activity.

  • Detect suspicious activity in real time
  • Deter criminals from committing a crime
  • On-Demand Guard Response deployment
  • Rapid video investigations for criminal events

On-Demand Guard Response

We dispatch On-Demand Guard to your property when suspicious activity is detected by our dispatchers.

  • No monthly contracts required
  • Pay only per response
  • Response to nuisance activity and non-emergency type calls
  • We respond to nuisance activity when law enforcement is not available
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