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Disrupt and Deter Criminal Activity in real-time

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Portable Crime Deterrent Solutions for less than $70.00 a day.

Our Portable Crime Deterrent Trailers come with solar powered options, active deterrent technology, secure network link to our central command center, and live video monitoring.

OnView dispatcher in monitoring center

Start protecting your projects and property for


per month

Includes 12 hours of live agent monitoring on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends.

Quick delivery and setup within 24 to 48 hours, depending on location.

Our Proactive Solution Includes

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Portable Crime Deterrent Solutions

Affordable, quick delivery, and easy to setup.

Equipped with intelligent Crime Deterrent Technology and blind spot viewers that can scale with your project.

  • AI Video Alerts
  • Cloud Solution
  • High Visibility LED Lights
  • Two Way Voice Command
  • Delivered and installed with-in 48 hours
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Live Agent Monitoring

USA based command centers staffed with live monitoring agents.

24/7 live surveillance monitoring by professional dispatch agents who are trained to analyze suspicious behavior and proactively disrupt criminal activity.

  • Detect suspicious activity in real time
  • Deter criminals from committing a crime
  • On-Demand Guard Response deployment
  • Rapid video investigations for criminal events

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On-Demand Guard Response

We can deploy our guards on-demand for stubborn trespassers. Pay only $49.50 – per response.

  • No monthly contracts required
  • Pay only per response
  • Response to nuisance activity and non-emergency type calls
  • We respond to nuisance activity when law enforcement is not available

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“The National Equipment Register report reveals theft of heavy equipment costs an average of $400 million dollars every year. What’s alarming is that the data doesn’t count for the cost of lost workdays due to the need to replace the stolen equipment.”

Don’t let the loss of time & materials disrupt your project. Protect your next project site from:

Conex Container Break-ins

Theft to Power Tools & Heavy Equipment

Portable Office and Trailer Burglaries

Illegal Dumping

Copper Theft

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