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We have created this page to provide all the information you need about our wide range of security services, free property assessments, system compatibility, property types we service, and more.

What type of Security Services does OnView offer?

OnView is a multi-tiered security provider. We offer Remote Camera Monitoring, Remote Alerting Systems, Physical Security Patrol and Stationary Guard Services, On-Demand Security Guard Response and hardware/software installation and services.

Do you offer “Free” assessments of properties?

“Yes” & “No”. Depending on your location we will do free site assessments, however, we typically offer a free virtual assessment from Google maps and any structural drawings available. Typically, we provide a soft proposal, usually within 5-10% of actual costs. If this hits your budget and you’re interested in the next steps, we will do a physical site walk.

Can OnView use our existing systems?

90-95% of existing systems can easily be incorporated on to the OnView Global Platform. By sending the camera model numbers and a photo of the back description of the NVR/DVR we can confidently confirm our abilities to use the system.

How does OnView deal with problematic individuals or criminal activity?

Think of OnView as an umbrella over your property. We design solutions in accordance with our motto: “Prevent the Intent”. Protection from the outside to the inside, meaning we take all appropriate measures to stop unwanted individuals before they cause problems.

Suppose an active crime is in progress, what procedures does OnView implement?

Our systems allow us to communicate directly in real-time to individuals on premises. Depending on the situation we quickly remove people onsite or use our advanced training to de-escalate physical confrontations.

Are police called for all criminal activity?

“Yes” & “No”. If the situation is a physical confrontation, OnView always calls the police immediately. If it is a person on property crime, we dispatch the nearest security guard on our platform and call police.

Does OnView do camera installations and provide warranties?

“Yes” OnView is a licensed C7 business, and we warrant any services for 365 days and apply all applicable manufacturer warranties on product.

Are there any types of properties that OnView will not service?

OnView has coverage across North America and works in every single vertical. The only situation done on a case-by-case basis is residential.

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