Crime Deterrent Systems

We provide intelligent security camera systems, integrated with audio & visual deterrent devices, designed to disrupt criminal activity in real time.
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We’ve integrated our Crime Deterrent System with video intrusion technology that provides a canopy of virtual protection, leaving our customers with a virtual security guard watching over their property and community. Blind spots are non-existent in our design.

Our system is designed to detect and deter criminal elements at the front line rather than waiting for an intrusion to occur. We provide a complete solution that protects our customers from the outside-in.

We understand the importance of feeling safe and knowing that your business and community is protected. OnView is committed to providing consistency in our services under the current climate. The most valuable part of OnView Integrated Solutions is our customer relationship. We value our customers support and remain vigilant in protecting our customers during these difficult times.

Crime deterrent system in a shopping center's parking lot