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Effective and Efficient Solutions

We offer effective Crime Deterrent Solutions that provide our customers with the most efficient ways to stop crime in real time. Our solutions are designed to stop the pain points causing nuisance to private properties and communities, throughout the nation. We take a proactive approach in keeping criminals in the place - off property.

Looking for an effective patrol service?

Our patrol officers serve a multipurpose role within our patrol division and On-Demand Guard platform. We replaced the old traditional courtesy patrol model with a more proactive approach to suppress criminal activity.

On-Demand Guard Response

Request a guard response anytime and pay only per response. No monthly contract needed.

We provide On-Demand Guard Response for alarm video verification, non-emergency nuisance type calls, noise complaints, parking enforcement tow request, and suspicious activity captured by our live camera monitoring dispatchers.

How does this service work?

Our customers can simply register online for response only and start using our services immediately. Upon request, our dispatchers will deploy the nearest guard to respond within 15 minutes.

On-Demand Guard Response cuts down the minimum cost of hourly guard services and allows our customers to have more control over their security needs.

High Visibility Patrol

Our goal is to detect, deter, and disrupt criminal activity and maintain a safe environment.

High Visibility Patrol is designed to proactively maintain the presence of security during off-peak hours. Our goal is to detect, deter, and disrupt criminal activity and maintain a safe environment for customers property and communities.

How does this service work?

We provide high visibility patrol tours during interval times, and to off-set criminal activity. We offer extended patrol tours to properties experiencing an increase in crime, providing more time onsite looking for criminal elements and hazards.

Private Security Guard doing a patrol tour