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We provide proactive solutions specifically designed to disrupt suspicious activity in real time before crime occurs. There’s nothing standard or traditional about our services. Our solutions are customized to protect our customers from the outside-in and prevent the intent of criminal activity.

Live Surveillance Monitoring

Detect and deter suspicious activity in real time before crime occurs. We offer an efficient and more effective solution in disrupting criminal activity.

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Crime Deterrent Systems

Our crime deterrent system is equipped with intelligent security cameras, audio & visual deterrent devices, and intelligent video analytics.

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On-Demand Guard Response

Protect your business, property, and community from the palm of your hand. We offer the most effective security solution that gives you control over your security needs and budget.

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Customer Reviews

OnView is owned by a former law enforcement officer and the products they offer support good security for businesses as well as Home Owners Associations and their Boards of Directors. I offer this review because I have worked with OnView professionally, where they have done work for the company I work for, as well as personally, where they have and still do provide video security at the gates of the HOA, where I served until earlier this year as a Board member and Chair of our safety and security committee.

Video evidence is what organizations need when something happens and what police need when looking for those who commit crimes. OnView Security Solutions offers this type of service, with many options worth considering for those seeking improved security!

Steve F.

OnView continues to develop, they excel its program and deliver positive results. Depending on your site/property needs – you can either benefit from high visibility patrolling or remote monitoring with capabilities to set/playback/live monitor from your own device in addition to the remote monitoring center who is available 24/7. Having the freedom to create your own schedule, security route and the combination of both services allow you to keep the property better protected with a stronger perimeter. Whenever our site has any inquiries, an immediate response is always available by the service team including a follow up from the CEO himself. Per my experience working with OnView, the results have been favorable due to the close communication with the company, working close with the team to solve any issues or to prevent any anticipated problems down the road. Overall, I can recommend OnView for both site/remote monitoring for security protection.

Moises P.

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