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Live Surveillance Monitoring

Detect & Deter Suspicious Activity in Real Time Before Crime Occurs
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Virtual security solutions are more effective in preventing criminal activity than traditional security guard services. Today’s security camera quality, digital analytics, and artificial intelligence offers a valuable tool in detecting and deterring threat to people, products, and property in real-time.

Our command center is staffed by professional dispatch agents who are trained to analyze suspicious behavior and proactively disrupt criminal activity.

What separates us from our competitors is our ability to escalate response by deploying On-Demand Guards to criminal activity caught on video.

OnView monitoring center and dispatcher on-duty

Without a crime deterrent solution, eliminating criminal activity and nuisance problems can be extremely challenging.

  • Small Businesses & Commercial Burglaries
  • Community Bike Room & Storage Burglaries
  • Auto Burglaries in Parking Lots & Garages
  • Mailbox Break-ins & Package Thefts
  • Construction Materials & Equipment Theft
  • Illegal Dumping & Hazardous Waste
  • Trespassing & Loitering
  • Nuisance Activity

We are always up for the challenge 24/7.

Security Features

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Live Surveillance Monitoring

Virtual security provides an efficient and more effective security solution than traditional and standard security guard services.

24/7 Live Surveillance Monitoring icon

Detect, Deter & Disrupt

We utilize intelligent security cameras with audio & visual deterrent systems to detect, deter, and disrupt suspicious behavior before crime occurs.

24/7 Live Surveillance Monitoring icon

Proactive Dispatchers

Our dispatch agents can remotely monitor multiple locations, warn off criminal elements with two-way voice command in real-time, and deploy On-Demand Guard Response when security presence is needed.

“Our mission is to Prevent the Intent of Criminal activity by protecting our customers from the outside-in”